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Returned From Trip to the Republic Of Ghana, West Africa

Ashanti Resources > News Release > Returned From Trip to the Republic Of Ghana, West Africa

CEO & President, Walter Weekes, Sr. of  Ashanti Resources  recently returned from his 10 days trip to the Republic Of Ghana, West Africa. Mr. Weekes said that his findings during his trip exceeded his expectations and he is extremely optimistic about the future of Ashanti Resources. As a result of his trip, immense value will be soon realized and added to the interests of the company’s partners, investors and shareholders.

While in Ghana, Mr. Weekes along with senior members of Optimum Mining Ghana, LTD. met with government officials to discuss a variety of business ventures in the following areas:

  • Mining of gold and other precious metals.
  • Exploration of Oil and Gas properties
  • Alternative Energy programs.

Other highlights of the trip are as followed:

  • Weekes visited a gold mine in the Ashanti region, which has enormous potential to be a large-scale mining operation. It is one of several gold mine opportunities that Optimum Mining, Inc. will investigate the merits and ascertain its reserves.
  • He applied for a gold dealer’s license. This was approved by the department of Precious Minerals Marketing Company LTD of Ghana.
  • Optimum Mining Ghana, LTD. established its corporate office and the staff has been identified. Managing Director will be Emmanuel Badu, Deputy Managing Director is Dwomoh Kwabena, Sr. Project Manager of the mining operation is Alex Ofori Manu and Alberta Darko is the Office Administrator.

Mr. Weekes reasserts that the opportunity for Ashanti Resources has tremendous growth potential in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana is one of the riches countries in West Africa. Over the last 20 years, Ghana’s economic growth has outpaced that of its lower-middle income peers in Africa. Its democratic record is also unparalleled within Africa. It has had 24 years of unbroken constitutional development. Ghana also has a stable and friendly government, which is conducive to a strong business environment and boasts of having an excellent infrastructure. Its seaports, airports and major road networks are capable of meeting the needs of any business. Ashanti Resources is pleased to be in a position to maximize this tremendous opportunity.

Below are pictures of the CEO’s trip.