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Salman & Mame Concessions Mine

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Business development for Ashanti Resources.

Gold Mine Project:

Ashanti Resources, has entered into formal discussions with the owners of  (2) gold mine concessions, SALMAN and the Mame they are located in the southern portion of the “Ashanti Gold Belt” region; Mr. Weekes has signed a (LOI) Letter of Intent.    

Ashanti Resources, has received a proposal from SRK Exploration, to provide the company with an (ITR) Independent Technical Review as well as a (CPR) Competent Person’s Report, which will aid and support the company’s submissions to the Stock Exchanges.  Based upon, SRK’s preliminary review of some of the data and other documents, they stated that “the mine concessions” have tremendous promise and potential, with the understanding that a thorough analysis must be done.

Mr. Weekes and members of Ashanti Resources’ management team conducted a site visit to both of the mining concessions, while he was in Ghana during the  month of October 2018. Based on his visit to the site, Mr. Weekes was very impressed and pleased with both of the mines.  He stated that, “it presents a great opportunity for the company to begin the development of these two mines that are located in the heart of the historical Ashanti gold belt”.