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Consultants for the Asekyere Gold Mine Project

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It is management’s initial assumption based on the company’s advisors, the current feasibility studies and preliminary discussion that the gold reserves are estimated to be in the range of 30 to 50 million oz. in the mine.

The following steps are needed in order to confirm the company’s premise.

  • Prospectively Report: This report will provide the company a current snapshot of the project as it stands in its current state. As well as define a scope of work.
  • The next step will lend itself to a (CPR) Competent Person Report.
  • The final step will be Development Work Plan, which will provide the strategy for mining and production process.

 Ashanti Resources has requested a proposal from SRK Exploration Co. SRK Exploration Co. is a respected firm that specializes in the mining and metal technical, due diligence and mineral assets, operations, and development.